Re-finding my inner yogi 

I’ve always had an affinity for Iyengar yoga. As an Osteopath the attention to detail and time taken to get into each pose with awareness of alignment and muscle activation matches my love of anatomy and knowledge of biomechanics perfectly!

I practiced for a couple of years in London, during that time I also worked at Triyoga studio in London with top Yoga bodywork therapist Tim Goulet, which was an invaluable experience. I have only more recently started up again in Falmouth at the lovely Yogahut and it feels great!

In class last week Jane pointed out some really pertinent points about yoga in part functioning as a way to find out where your body has asymmetry, noticing the difference between one side and the other through different poses and focusing practice towards re-dressing the imbalance.

My osteopathic practice is completely aligned with this. The foundation being a whole body adjustment; which does exactly that. Identifies imbalances and unwinds them using a range of different methods. The overall result being a more easy, neutral posture, a better relationship with gravity, more energy and vitality, and a de-stressed body and nervous system.

More specifically, if there are particular poses you struggle with or are slightly stuck on, specific yoga bodywork with osteopathic technique can really help to deepen your practice. Come and have a chat at Inspiring Health in Flamouth to find out.

Peace out – Lily

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Lily is taking time out of clinic to have a baby.

She is still available for online Natural Health Consultations.

We will turn calendar bookings back on and notify you here on her return to work.