Sunshine, health & happiness

Catch the sun when you can and move your body.

Now that the sun is shining in the sky take every opportunity you can to get out and top up your Vitamin D levels – here’s why:

There have been many interesting developments in the research around vitamin D in recent years, it actually should be re-named a hormone as unlike vitamins it can be made by the body and it’s affects are very widespread. That’s why it’s super important to keep the levels up, as with other hormones, if it drops and fluctuates too far from normal, healthy range it starts to have widespread negative effects on your health.


Vitamin D health benefits

  1. Healthy bones and teeth – it plays an essential role in the regulation and distribution of calcium and phosphorus – both essential for healthy bones and teeth
  2. Boosts you immune system – protecting against colds and flu
  3. Keeps the nervous system happy – shown to regulate mood, ward off depression and even reducing the risk of multiple sclerosis
  4. Improve heart disease risk factors including helping regulate insulin levels in the management of diabetes


Get out and about

We’re lucky here in Cornwall to be surrounded by beautiful places to get out and enjoy the lovely weather in – walking and swimming are two of the best and most beneficial forms of exercise… the benefits of exercise are widely known and proven in many studies. Recent research has shown just 5, 30 minute walks a week significantly improves blood sugar levels, blood pressure and weight loss.


Sometimes people feel that if they are unfit, stiff or sore they are stuck with it, this is not the case!

It take only 2-3 weeks to significantly change and adapt muscular tissue and movement patterns so don’t miss out!

If there is a physical concern or pain, visit an osteopath or other movement specialist to help you to get comfortable again so you don’t miss out on all the benefits of the fresh air and sunshine! Just like this lady did…


“Hi Lily, just wanted to let you know that, having done your hip exercises morning and evening, I did a 15km walk on Sunday with no knee twinges either on the walk or since. You are a genius! Thank you!! Am feeling more confident about the walking holiday now.” DB



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