1. Don’t get hung up on fads and trends, be realistic with small goals and you’re much more likely to succeed
  2. Shop locally – support your local veg growers and high street butchers and fish mongers for fresh, nutrient rich, vibrant foods that will make you feel more vibrant!
  3. Read the label – try to avoid processed foods – if there are more than 5 ingredients and there’s anything on there you don’t recognise or can’t pronounce reconsider
  4. Prep prep prep! – if you get caught out, famished with nothing to eat you’re much more likely to reach for the less healthy, convenient option – make and take snacks, and shop with an idea of what you need for success
  5. Up the veg – you can’t go wrong – the more colour the better and again a nice range – eat all the colours of the rainbow
  6. Balance – in meals and for snacks think about combining good fat, protein and any natural sugars or complex carbs – this slows down stomach emptying, helps you feel fuller for longer and reduces the amplitude of the blood sugar spike. Here are some ideas: Apple with a bit of cheese, a handful of nuts or some nut butter; berries with a natural yoghurt, raw veg dipped in houmus…
  7. Reduce the refined sugars – the evidence is incontestable.. they’re just not good for us at the quantities we’ve been unknowingly having them!
  8. Use healthy low(er)-glycemic index fruits. You can make some delicious desserts in a healthy way to satisfy a sweet craving. Some of your best options are fresh or frozen organic berries, green apples, or a fresh fig. Dark chocolate of 85% cocoa or more is also a good pick me up in moderation!
  9. Good fats keep you well and don’t make you put on weight: regularly include avocados, nuts, nut butter, natural yoghurt or coconut if dairy free, good quality olive, hemp, flax oils..
  10. Don’t torture yourself, a good balance and range of foods is healthy and most importantly you should really enjoy it, don’t do anything to take away the pleasure that food and cooking can bring – if you need some guidance help is at hand!! I can guide you to some great resources or design a specific plan to suit your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch ☺


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