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About Lily

Choosing natural health, health from the inside out = choosing sustainability = respecting nature and natural resources = a healthy community = a healthy planet

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I trained in London, first for a degree in Anatomy and Human Sciences and then in Osteopathy and Naturopathic medicine. Through my own personal experience and that of others around me I have always believed in natural methods of healing and found them very powerful.

I love exploring nature, food and health from all aspects and never stop learning and being inspired. To understand the body from an osteopathic and naturopathic point of view it is necessary to appreciate the intricate relationships of a multi-system organism that is much more than the sum of its parts!!

My practice is centred around the fact that the body has an innate drive towards repair and health.

I want to be able to share my passion and knowledge for life changing natural health approaches, simplifying health for people.

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Giving people back power and choice. I believe natural health and a change in the way we perceive health intervention has to start with the individual, and from there naturally comes a healthier more sustainable way of living. And from there a natural more sustainable health for our communities and eventually, our planet. 

When you appreciate the intricacies and abundance of the power of natural forces and balances within you, it just spreads outwards.

The key difference between drugs and natural therapeutics is that drugs block and inhibit biochemistry in the body (to create “biochemical friction”) whereas nutritional supplements, dietary changes, natural therapeutics facilitate biochemistry so that the body works more efficiently (and reduces biochemical friction).. BUT you will only benefit if the environment is able to assimilate and absorb these modalities, and to do that we usually really have to uncomplicate and unravel things first.

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We live in a uniquely toxic and challenging world as a species and that must be acknowledged and managed as a baseline foundation for health, wherever you are on the scale of health and disease.

My journey through health has been fundamental in getting to where I am now.

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Lily is taking time out of clinic to have a baby.

She is still available for online Natural Health Consultations.

We will turn calendar bookings back on and notify you here on her return to work.