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Natural Health Coaching – the diet and lifestyle factors

Natural health coaching (the diet and lifestyle factors) is often a critical part of a journey to long term wellness. We live in a world of unique chemical, physical and mental challenges and demands and these must be taken into account to feel truly responsible for your own health. We see so much contradictory, complicated and manipulated information about which diet and lifestyle is right! It is difficult to know how to make the best choices. I will always endeavour to provide people with the tools and information they need to feel confident on their journey to health and fully support them along the way! Reaching your health goals is a shared journey in which we discover what works best to help the body relax, re-align and channel its energy into keeping well and comfortable. For more complex medical cases, I have been privileged worked with the guidance of Dr Sarah Myhill for 5 years now. 

She is an ecological medicine practitioner and GP, and world leading expert in the treatment of things like chronic fatigue syndrome. So this is not just about helping healthy people thrive it’s also about helping unwell people find small adjustments that slowly aid them towards healing or managing disease with the adjunct of natural interventions, investigative tests and supplementation where appropriate. The key difference between drugs and natural therapeutics is that drugs block and inhibit biochemistry in the body (to create “biochemical friction”) whereas nutritional supplements, dietary changes, natural therapeutics facilitate biochemistry so that the body works more efficiently (and reduces biochemical friction).. BUT you will only benefit if the environment is able to assimilate and absorb these modalities, and to do that we usually really have to uncomplicate and unravel things first. This is why I have designed the 12 week STEP INTO YOU.

Natural health = Sustainable future for us and our planet. Starting with the individual: self

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12 week natural heath coaching program

Do you feel:

– Dis-empowered by all the health advice out there and find it hard to stick to a routine and stay motivated

– Disconnected from your body, like your health is not under your control

– Like you don’t have enough energy

– Your mind is full and your are blocked even though you have lots of ideas of how you’d like to live your life / eat / exercise

– Easily overwhelmed by stress and anxiety

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If you’d really like to:

– Feel comfortable in your body

– Reduce pain

– Increase vitality

– Find balance and a sustainable routine

– Handle stress differently because you understand it and you understand your body

– Feel motivated because you are enough!

This has always been my passion, and I want to share it.

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Lily is taking time out of clinic to have a baby.

She is still available for online Natural Health Consultations.

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